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As a passionate filmmaker, I like to support local actors. Actors are the soul of any film and I want to return the energy they put into the incarnation of my scripts. On a regular basis, I offer shootings AT NO COST. These are not the typical studio headshots, but shootings outside 'in scene' under direction. If interested send a mail to free.shootings with the subject:free.shootings and some info about you.


Your Calling Card

Your headshot opens doors. It's your calling card. Why do so many actors have really bad ones? You want to be seen as a pro, not an amateur, so the way you present yourself is everything. You absolutely must have a high quality killer headshot. Not an iPhone pic. Go for personality. It’s not about looking pretty, it’s about representing your type. Closeups are all about the eyes. The eyes are the window of the soul. sharp, crisp eyes with the right reflection (light).


In Scene

We're talking outdoor shooting. You may already have a studio headshot with neutral backdrop. What I do is a bit different. I'm shooting with natural light to achieve a very real, cinematic look. This way, the Casting director can 'see you in the movie'. Depending on location and style, I use additional LED lights, diffusers and reflectors. Think the german sci-fi mystery 'Dark' or the look of 'True Detective'.


Your department

When I make my films, I always have (and need) expert help here. For our free shooting, you have to manage this part on your own, maybe with the help of a friend. You want to look like yourself on your best day, so please don't hide your face with tons of makeup. Bring some oil sheets to take down the shine, maybe use a lightly tinted moisturizer to take out the redness and even your skin tone.


Your department

Bring 3-4 wardrobe options, you feel great in, cleaned and ironed. Choose solid neutral colors, no fabrics with small patterns, no large white clothes. Layers are cool, jackets, sweaters - bring those too. For a studio headshot, you should wear things which 'show yourself', the same wardrobe when you walk in the casting room. Not so here. We want you to look like acting in a movie, so you are free to chose wardrobe for your role. Feel free to bring some props with you.


Static vs Dynamic

Should you look into the camera? For a studio headshot - yes. But we will shoot mainly 'in scene', meaning you have to look right next to the camera or follow my direction. We will also shoot in motion, not only in static model poses. Sometimes I'm keen to shoot a short video sequence, and if you like, we can do that with text and sound using a wireless microphone system.


We have a plan

Because we're shooting exclusively outside, weather issues might cause a problem. We will arrange a primary and a backup day for shooting. I also reserve the right to cancel our shoot at anytime including the day of the shoot. If you need to cancel for any reason please just let me know as soon as possible so we can re-schedule your shoot. We will meet at a day time with good light. That is sunset, dawn or sometimes 'after the rain' which is my favorite light, especially when dark clouds are hanging in the sky. Example: We meet at 5:30pm to prepare, start shooting 6:00 until 7:00pm, maybe later. Can happen, if we are either not yet happy with the result or if we just have a great time. :)


That was fun

Within the week after the shoot, you will receive a download link to your gallery with a selection of at least 10 images. The images will be slightly color graded and have a discreet copyright mark. Some models asked me to do retouching and beautifying. Please understand, that retouch is a time intensive process and can't be included in this free offer.


Let's agree

Our cooperation is based on the mutual agreement that you get some nice pictures/clips without any costs and on the other side, I can use the produced media without restrictions to promote my art&work. A great win-win for everyone involved.

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