I'm Frankie

Let the good vibes swing

As a passionate and prolific filmmaker, I have always a bunch of projects on the slate. Projects you've never heard of and projects that may never reach filming state. Did you know, that less than 6% of OPTIONED SCRIPTS (those scripts a producer pays for) get into pre-production? And even those have a great chance to die in Development Hell. Happened to me pretty often: Scrap Girl, Waxman etc.


Adjusting expectations

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill
But those obstacles haven't stopped me and I'm always preparing new concepts in parallel. Writing and rewriting scripts, creating marketing material, scouting for locations which can enhance the production value and last but not least looking for ACTORS & ACTRESSES willing to help me in pre-production state.


How to sell a movie?

Times are gone, where just having a a script completed was sufficient to get funded. I gave a speech on this problem at Vilnius LOFTAS in August 2015. Today you need marketing tools: a sizzle reel and a one page to present the Look & Feel of your movie to investors. Also a treatment and a catchy logline pointing to a potential HIGH CONCEPT. Investors don't read screenplays. ;)


We are micro-budget

This is what you need to understand as a potential actor for my movies: Projects are on different levels with the overwhelming part in the NOT YET FUNDED section. That means for sizzle reals, teasers and other projects in early phase there is NO PAY. Just catering and the hope for all of us to get this thing running. Our projects are not even low-budget, most are micro-budget under 250K GBP. This is not Hollywood.


Back End is Dead End

For some movies we agree to PAY ON SCALE. This typically is about 100 CHF or GBP per day. This happens, when another executive or investor is on board and we're ready to take the risk together. All cast and crew, including me, will get SYMBOLIC PAYMENT in cash but are considered for back end points. Please be aware, that most films, especially short movies don't BREAK EVEN - so chances are, we will never see backend money.


Still interested?

If you're still interested in working with me, feel free to send a link to your reel to
All my movies are in ENGLISH LANGUAGE, so you better have an ENG reel. It's an advantage, if you live near ZURICH, LONDON, PARIS and BERLIN. These are the base camps and main filming locations for my movies. Contact me, if you like to play a simple scene for a sizzle reel / teaser. I'm always open to see new actors and fresh faces, but please understand I can't guarantee that playing for a teaser means to be considered for the actual movie. The executives with the money always have the final word. ;)