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Character-driven science-fiction & horror.

Fascinating Science-Fiction

Smart and entertaining. Popcorn with a brain. Ideas plus effects.

Psychological Horror

Play with the cliche and surprise the audience. Building tension instead of jumpscares. Slash with a twist.

Action Thriller

Breathless. Breathtaking. A struggling hero against the ticking bomb. Thrills & Spills.








Frank Luchs - Filmmaker


Frank Luchs is a producer and writer/director, born in Berlin. As a former music producer and composer he produced artists like Kid Paul, Bernadette and Sandra for Sony and CBS. He also scored tv-shows and movies, for example Germany's most-known crime-series "Tatort".

In 2004 he founded Visiomedia Ltd., a corporation specialized in CGI and audio/video post-production. In 2012 he extended the company to operate as film studio. Since then he has produced short movies, e.g. "The Wireless Trap" and "Soundness". In 2014 filming started for the science fiction feature "Scrap Girl". Frank Luchs works and feels home in London, Berlin and Zuerich.

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  •   + 41 79 368 53 24 (CH)
  •   + 41 79 368 53 24 (UK)

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